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Quality Control

Each Government Consulting team assembled for client engagements includes a shareholder, a director or manager, and a team of responsive associates who follow a consistent and extensive review process to assure the highest standards. We incorporate this quality control phase while still adhering to strict project timelines.

In cases of new program audits, our team has regularly and successfully developed audit protocols and processes that become the approved standard for future audits. The versatility that the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) demands on emerging models and programs enhances our team’s agility for quality control solutions. We also document our protocols in the working papers to support collaboration with CMS and our teaming partners on future projects.

For many years, Bland & Associates, P.C. has participated in industry “peer review” by retaining an independent Certified Public Accounting firm that reviews and reports on all aspects of our practice. By regularly verifying our quality control efforts and the quality of our professional services delivery, Bland & Associates can confidently transfer that process to our clients.

Bland & Associates is a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) Governmental Audit Quality Center. Our reputation in public accounting as well as the healthcare industry is a standard we never take for granted. The following outlines our team approach to redefining quality.


  • Shareholder and director or manager oversight on every project
  • Consistent Government Consulting team staffing
  • Utilization of professional medical coders and other qualified specialists


  • Online file sharing system to share files with CMS and providers that satisfies CMS information technology security and other related requirements


  • Consistent professional standards review process
  • Development of new audit protocols and processes for emerging CMS-funded models and programs
  • Quality control training and development for staff within CMS-funded models and programs
  • Adherence to strict project timelines aligned with quality control

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